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Cinnamon Meringue – How I saved my egg whites

This Meringue recipe started soooo badly…

5 minutes after putting the egg whites in my Kenwood robot I started to worry. Something looked unusual. Normally, at this point I grumble, throw everything to the bin and start all over again. But today, I felt like NO ONE and even less eggs were going to make me give up!

I took my iPad and started to search for “what to do if your egg whites won’t whip up”. After few minutes of search I found a first tip.

  • “Add a pinch of salt” –> okay! Done. Something changed in the texture but the eggs still won’t whip up…

Then a second tip…

  • “Add a squeeze of lemon” –> hum… At this point, reading the article about “How to Beat Egg Whites Right” I understood what brought me to this situation. I let them sit  out of the fridge for too long before starting to whip them.

So I tried this tip. For that I decided to stop my Kenwood, then started to whip them by hand. Few minutes later my egg whites were perfect!

I could finally continue to prepare my Meringue recipe.

Cinnamon French Meringues


Ingredients you’ll need for 20 small Meringue’s

  • 4 egg whites (about 160g/5,6 ouces)
  • 250 g of white sugar / 8,82 Ounces
  • few drops of vinegar 

In a glass or metal bowl, whip egg whites until fluffy using an electric mixer. Gradually increase the speed until reaching medium speed. Then add the sugar and cinnamon very slowly and few drops of vinegar.

Use two teaspoons to spoon 1.6 inch wide (4 cm) meringues onto a buttered cooking sheet covered by cooking paper. Put the oven temperature at 100°C. Bake meringues for 1 hour 20 mins.