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Easy Shopping – A Windows Phone 7 application

Easy Shopping is above all an idea coming from a user frustration (mine). This on my Windows Phone about one year ago. No application suited my use as well as the use of my friends owners of a Windows Phone 7 to manage our shopping lists. This article treats of the first version of the application, on the eve of the arrival of the second version of the Windows Phone app and a Windows 8 application.

The first version of this application developed by Nicolas Calvi was launched 4 months ago and has been downloaded about 1500 times.

It was during the Windows Phone Hackathon at the Moulin de la Forge (in France) in March 2012 that the Easy Shopping adventure really started.

© Bernard LACHAUD

And it starts with the design phase carried out in a few hours. Key words: simplicity, efficiency, relevance and suitable in a mobility context. The application allows to make a shopping list, manage your favorites, create recipes to easily add all the ingredients of a recipe to the user’s shopping list. The user can also send the list by email or SMS to another person.

After what, development and graphic design began. The keywords for the graphic design were: simple, fresh and natural.

The weekend ended with a presentation of the application in front of the hackathon participants. The Easy Shopping application is available for your Windows Phones since june 2012 and you can download it here.

The Windows 8 version (V1) is being finalized. The Windows Phone version (V2) will be done very soon but here’s a little (french) preview. We took into account all the feedback from our users that seemed relevant and doable 🙂

See you soon for new versions. They will be available on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 and very focused on the social aspect and sharing.