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How I fell in love with the Nokia Lumia 930

I used to love my HTC 8X, it was small, colorfull and very soft to touch. But since few month I wanted to change. And I started to question myself… What would be my new phone and even, what OS will I choose ?

The questioning

Of course I like Windows Phone OS and it answered all of my expectations since almost 4 years. But the arrival of connected objects and all their applications on Android was beginning to be frustrating for the curious designer I am.

“And what about the Samsung Galaxy S5 ?”

Although I find Android not intuitive enough. I started to doubt. A few days later I was talking with Alex Danvy, Evangelist at Microsoft France when he told me about some projects of the company on the Internet of Things and an application on the point of going out on the Windows Phone store, an application I’m very interested in and I admit, quite decisive in my choice.

On the same day, when I went to eat, a small brochure with the upcoming Nokia’s smartphones was lying on my tray… It was love at first sight.

The decision

My decision was made, I needed an orange Nokia Lumia 930. A quick look on Amazon, a Nokia in my cart and the wait began… I ordered it before its availability in France so patience was required.


After a few adventures I finally had my new smartphone. As soft to the touch than the previous one.

A successful design

Keywords that have guided the design team were:

“Honesty, simplicity and minimalism”

Jonne Harju (designer at Nokia since 10 years) tells us that the body of the 930 is made of a single piece of metal which has significantly reduced the time and complexity of manufacturing. Part of the metal used for the smartphone is coming from the recycling. The curved 5-inch screen and full HD (1080 x 1920) is pleasing visually and especially to the touch.

It measures 137x71x9.8mm and weighs 167g.

The plastic used is of high quality and 100% of materials are recoverable for reuse. The packaging design has been worked by the design teams with the same “guidelines”, it is also elegant and it is 100% recyclable.


To summarize, a great design allying perfectly metal and high quality plastic materials. Wondurfully colorful and to finish a comfortable grip and a consistent interface. A smartphone designed to combine perfectly with the interface of Windows Phone 8.1 and following the same philosophy about simplicity.

And after two weeks of use and a great Pinterest application (Beta) on the store, it lacks just one application to my happiness. I’ll try to be patient 🙂