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Story of user #1 – Me against the machine

I’ve bought few month ago a Fitbit Aria smart scale to go with my Fitbit Flex. And few week later I began to developp a strange behavior.



I got up in the morning, climbed on the Aria and then started to act really weirdly when my weight was higher than expected. In fact I jumped off the Aria (really quickly) hoping the weighing scale didn’t had time to recognize me and so would NOT register this awful number on my weight curve ! Even if this technique does not seem to work I keep doing it…

Conversely, when my weight looks really good I stay still until the OK sign appears and even one second more (just to be sure).



Connected objects much more intrusive in our lives do not allow us to decide everything and sometimes frustrate us because they decide on their own. Although we love them above all for their autonomy and sharp analysis, sometimes we would like them to react differently to give us the choice and listen to us and our feelings.