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Story of user #2 – I decide and you obey

Some time ago I had the chance to lead a workshop with people in charge of the safety of an airport. Of all jobs that I have met since the beginning of my career, this is where my vision was farthest from reality. Among other: the misunderstanding of the difference between safety and security jobs and the field work of these people. In front of me 3 airport employees very interested in the project of a touch application that would allow them to communicate better on the field. Although uncomfortable with new technologies their involvement in the workshop and the relevance of their ideas were a great help.
Then the subject of the current application came into the discussion and they quickly went around issues that made them less efficient and specific points that were making them lose their time. I wrote down two sentences (among others) during this workshop that I found interesting to share today. These reactions are important to take into account, critical and so widespread.
About the malfunction of their tools their reaction is to “close the machine that makes the human a slave”

“It is the computer that serves me and not the opposite, if it forces me to do something I do not want or do not understand, I have the power to shut down my PC and put it aside, then take a paper and write. “

As a designer I spend a lot of time to listen and understand the difficulties and even the suffering resulting from the use of a tool (computer or not). Our role as experiences creators is to solve these problems, but also to make our collegues (developers, visual designers, …) fully aware of the importance of our work. The goal of each of us should be primarily to facilitate the daily work of users as it is for them that we work every day.